In line with his strategic positioning - Best of class product research - Aexis believes good quality partners can add a lot to our Client expectations.

Aexis has contracted partnerships in many areas :

Software Partnerships
System Integration Partnerships
Market Intelligence Partnerships
The objective of these partnerships is for Aexis Group to provide a sales and support organization for high quality international software vendors:
Aexis Group has concluded partnerships with many system integrators. These can be ongoing, or occasional:
ARX, BIC, CGEY, Esope, IMA (France),Meditech,Teamlog,Unilog.
The aim is to promote our activities and successes with parties in our markets, that have in-depth expertise in the specific domain where each of our business units operate; we so hope to establish user communities that can profit from each-others experiences with our services.

Partners for France can be found here


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